About Little Berry Studio

Little Berry Studio is a one-woman, front-end web design and development studio headed by yours truly, Patricia Kruep. I have more than twenty years of experience designing and building for the web. Am I the right fit for your needs? Let’s take a look:

It starts with a seed

You have an idea what you want to achieve and the audience you want to reach with your site. Figuring out where to start and how to put the pieces together is a overwhelming. There are so many possibilities! You need help refining and nailing down your great idea–to take the seed of that idea and cultivate it into a flourishing site. I can help you. I work with you to identify:

  1. Your core needs and goals for your site
  2. Your target audience and how best to reach them
  3. Your content needs and how best to organize your content
  4. Your site’s optimal look and feel on multiple platforms and devices.
  5. Your technology needs for web hosting, domain names, and the best tech for your site

Suffolk Presbyterian Church needed to update and revitalize their web presence to inform their existing congregation and to reach out to visitors interested in joining their church. Here is how I helped Suffolk Presbyterian Church reimagine their online presence.

Getting hands dirty

You need a site built on the WordPress platform that’s easy to maintain and update. This site not only needs to promote your brand and story, it also needs more than stock themes can offer. You need something custom created. I can help you. I’ve created several WordPress-based sites, all with custom-built themes. Have a look at how I worked with authors T.L. Messegee and Lisa Nanni-Messsegee to create their site, Messegee Writes.

Pruning, weeding, staking, and watering

You need an extra hand to help get the job done. Perhaps you are short-staffed. Possibly there's a gap in the skills needed to complete a project. I can help you by filling in where needed. Specifically, I can help with you with visual design and graphics production, along with other user experience design-related tasks. I am also fluent in current front-end web coding practices using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design. Need a little more than that? I can work with you to assemble a team suitable for your project's needs.

Learn and grow

You need to learn how to design for the web. Much has changed since the web was first created and it continues to evolve. I have over 16 years experience teaching college-level web design skills and practices. I taught many students who went on to have successful careers and I can teach you, too. Here is my CV and my teaching portfolio.

Plant something new

You want to take a chance on a talented web designer with a love for combining interactivity and animation to work with you to develop mobile or web-based games. I have a long-time love affair with incorporating animation into interactive projects (I miss Flash and Director). I would love an opportunity to move these skills into current technologies like Canvas, SVG, and mobile app development--particularly for games. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Here's a CSS-based animation experiment playing with CSS-based animations created for the Codepen Pattern Rodeo: Season Three, the <hr> challenge (mine made it to the top five).

Care to see additional work? View my portfolio for these and other projects.

Enough about me. Care to tell me a little about you?

What do you think? If what you see here sounds like my skills are suitable for your needs, then drop me a line. You can contact me via this nifty contact form or connect with me on one of these social networks:

Let's meet up over coffee or a cuppa. We'll talk about what you need and how I can help you meet those needs.

I look forward to meeting you. Cheers!

Looking for a little more? I also share tips, tutorials, and thoughts on my blog.